Your Retouch RE Retouch BOO Retouch KU Retouch
Services $0.60/Service
Choose Up To 4
$2.50 for 6 Services $2.50 for 1 Services $3.00 for 1 Service
Skin Softening (Face Only)
Blemish Removal
Teeth & Eye Whitening
Eye Bag Softening
Basic Stray Hair Removal
(Not across face)
Minor Eye Glasses Glare Removal
Braces Removal  –
Opening of Eyes  –
Tattoo Removal
Bra Strap or Tab Line Removal  –
Major Eye Glass Glare Removal
Extensive Stray Hair Removal
(Hair In Face)
Remove an Object From Picture
Fill in Object or Extend Background  –
Body Thinning
Apparel Wrinkle Removal
Jewelry Straightening or Clasp Removal  –


Includes up to 4 of the following options:

  • Blemish removal
  • Skin softening
  • Whitening teeth & eyes
  • Softening of eye bags
  • Stray hair removal (hair across face not included)

*One person per image only

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$2.50/1-8 People | $5.00/9+ People

Includes all of the following per person:

  • Skin Softening
  • Remove skin blemishes & facial glare
  • Whitening of teeth & eyes
  • Soften bags under eyes
  • Minor eyeglass glare removal
    (Must be able to see eyes & skin tones in glare)
  • Remove all stray hairs
    (hair across face not included)


Includes any one of the following per person:

  • Braces removal
  • Opening of eyes
  • Tattoo removal
  • Strap/tan line removal
  • Major eyeglass glare
    (If you cannot see eyes & skin tones in glare, supporting image needed)

$3.00 per Individual

Includes any one of the following per person:

  • Extensive stray hair removal
  • Remove an object
  • Fill in object
  • Body thinning
  • Apparel wrinkle removal
  • Jewelry clasp removal
  • Jewelry straightening.
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Re Retouching Example

Re Retouching Example

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Ku Retouching Examples

Custom retouching available by quote. Send images with notes to support@rebooku.com.