Green or Blue Screen extraction solution is targeted towards our High Volume Customers. Rebooku is partnering with the world’s best Blue or Green Screen extraction provider – 36Pix.

The Rebooku 36Pix partnership is very important because no automated solution is perfect and so each image requires at the very least a review and possibly many adjustments to account for apparel colors, feet touching the ground, hair, setup issues (shadows, creases, dirt on floor, etc.).

Up to 3/4 body length $0.26
Full body length $0.80
No volume requirements
Imperfect background setup $0.40
Green in/on subject $0.40

Example images and pricing

3/4 body length ($0.26)
Sample-1-new Sample-1-new
3/4 body length + Imperfect background setup ($0.26 + $0.40)
Shadow-new Shadow-new
3/4 body length + Green in/on subject ($0.26 + $0.40)
Green-new Green-new
Green-4-new Green-4-new
Full body length ($0.80)
Full-Body-Good-Setup-new Full-Body-Good-Setup-new
Full body length + Imperfect background setup ($0.80 + $0.40)
Full-Body-Shadow-new Full-Body-Shadow-new
Full-Body-Wrinkles-new Full-Body-Wrinkles-new

So what is the difference between High Volume Green or Blue Screen Extraction and Rebooku’s Extraction

High Volume Green or Blue Screen extraction

Automated Solution

Ideal for processing green screen portrait images by volume (Ex: Traditional School + High volume Sports Photography). Our automated solution, powered by the best technology on the market, allows us to process images by batch and get quality extractions without any delays.

Rebooku extraction

Hands-On Service

Ideal for images that require individual attention (Ex: Boutique Portraits).
Our prestigious in-house service ensures that each one of your photos is perfectly extracted for any of your application needs.